Company History

Over the past 40 years, we have developed from a two-man operation into an all-round partner for all aspects of toolmaking and plastic injection molding with more than 80 employees. In 1982 the company was founded by two ambitious inquiring minds.Mr. Werner Veser and Mr.Josef Macho. Both of them shared the same passions. Next to plastic, tool making and the construction of new products, they visioned a successful and social company .Together they realized their wish of a own business and founded the company VEMA.
In 2007, Mr. Macho retired from the company due to his age. Five years later, Christian Veser joined the company as managing partner. Since then, father and son have jointly and very successfully steered the fortunes of VEMA.
Innovation has a home – until today the company VEMA is closely connected with the region and its people.
Due to the large expandation and therefore needed space, Vema decided to also expand and invest in larger buildings in 2012. After only one year of construction, the company was able to move into the new 7000 square meters headquarters.
That gave all needed sections, like the tool and mold making, the plastic injection molding, the warehouse and the administration offices enough space to successfully work and develop new ideas for future projects.

As a full service company, we have the opportunity to expand the production and storage capacity immensely. Our manufacturing technologies, our location and the know-how of our employees in development and production are state-of-the-art.

VEMA Bild Unternehmensgeschichte
VEMA Bild Unternehmensgeschichte aktuell


Vision zu Funktion

Das bedeutet für uns:

  • die Visionen unserer Kunden mit unserem Know-how und Einsatz in eine Funktion umwandeln, sei es ein Bauteil, ein Werkzeug oder Serviceleistungen.
  • die Visionen unserer Mitarbeitenden und Auszubildenden aktiv in das Unternehmen einbringen, um unsere Funktion als verantwortungsbewusster Arbeitgeber zu erfüllen.
  • die Vision einer guten Geschäftsbeziehung zwischen uns und unseren Partnern zu leben und somit in unserer Funktion als verlässlicher Partner stetig zu wachsen.
  • die Vision des umweltverträglichen Unternehmens voranzutreiben und dynamisch verfolgen sowie alle damit verbundenen Funktionen unseres Unternehmens daran ausrichten.

Mission Statement and Values

Our mission statement gives resolute expression to our fundamental beliefs, expectations and behavior. It is the guideline for our actions. Through our mission statement, we express what is important to us and the values that will guide us in the long term.


For 40 years now, we have been working according to this principle day after day for our national and international customers at our site in Göggingen.

In the development and manufacture of complex molds as well as technically demanding plastic parts using injection molding, we not only build on this experience, but rather also rely on the consistent education and training of our employees.

Our manufacturing technologies, our location and the know-how of our employees in development and production are always state-of-the-art.

As our market presence has grown over the years, we have continuously adapted our range of services to the needs of our customers. Today, we support them in addition to our core competencies in the areas of assembly, warehousing and logistics.

By continuously improving our processes in terms of quality and efficiency, we are a reliable partner for our customers in the automotive, mechanical engineering, sanitary and electrical engineering sectors.

The partnership-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers guarantees us continuous and profitable growth. By focusing on the needs of our customers, we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We strive for innovation and excellence in terms of our products and processes and in our personal actions.

Principles of our Corporate Policy

  • Responsibility for occupational health and safety, quality assurance and environmentally compatible conduct begins with the company management and extends to all areas of operation.
  • We respect internationally recognized human rights, dignity and personal rights and support their full observance.
  • We promote and uphold fair working conditions, in particular the prohibition of forced and child labor, the elimination of discrimination in hiring and employment, and compliance with legal standards on working hours and remuneration.
  • Conflicts of interest between personal interests and company interests as well as corruption and bribery are not tolerated in our company. We promote transparency, acting with integrity, responsible management and control at all levels in the company in an appropriate manner.
  • We are committed to the rules of fair competition and maintain professional and correct business practices with all our customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Minimizing our environmental impact is an important prerequisite for the successful future of our company. We face up to the global tasks of environmental protection within the scope of our possibilities.
  • The benchmark for the quality of our products is determined by customer satisfaction. To this end, we also actively involve our suppliers in our quality efforts.
  • We regard the training and further education of our employees as an indispensable instrument of personnel policy in times of rapidly changing market requirements.